Usa Today Crossword Puzzle Solutions May 6th 2017

AFL merger partner
Altar promise
Command after 'sit,' perhaps
Molasses-based spirits
Mireille of 'The Catch'
Wet-behind-the-ears sort
'That was close!'
Sought information
Cuzco native of old
Elon Musk's car company
Madison Avenue award
Military pilots, e.g.
Tungsten, by another name
Fey of '30 Rock'
President pro ___
Erie Canal mule of song
Black Flag or d-CON target
Superstar's radiance
Matthews of 'Hardball'
Blanc of many voices
Silkscreened garment, perhaps
Tex-Mex seafood item in a 39-Across
Words on a sale tag
Counselor's workplace
'Call it!' call
Insect with a burning sting
Tear to pieces
Reason for a small craft advisory
Some pricey gowns
Grain farmer's headache
Crustacean that adopts a 39-Across
Skimpy swimsuit brand
Corp. brass
Santa ___ winds
One of a Monopoly pair
American Leaguer since 2013
Many prom tuxes
Apple of Discord thrower
Play duckpins, say
Golden calf, e.g.
The O'Hara estate
Overgrown, as a tree trunk
It often has a metal head, ironically
By and by, poetically
Bakery allure
Falco of 'The Sopranos'
Doily material
Bit of livestock feed found in a 39-Across
Ponzi scheme, e.g.
Bakery utensils
Lure into a crime
Stable division
Basket made on a rebound
Mercenary's work
Like some rebates
Becomes threadbare
'___ Bulba' (Gogol novel)
Air pump letters
Unlikely to 15-Across
Thimblerig object (and a link to 17- and 59-Across and 11- and 29-Down)
Wetlands terrain
Toque or kepi
Reacted to a tearjerker
Pompeii's undoing
Retort to 'You are too!'
Move two pieces at once, in chess
Reduces the word count of, say
On the wing
Seismograph detection
Midsummer Classic player
Therefore, to Descartes
Group that competes in a 39-Across
Gilpin of 'Frasier'
Rat on the Mafia
Be nuts about
Place for rakes and hoes
One of the Ponderosa boys
River of Rome

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