Wall Street Journal Crossword Puzzle Solutions November 7th 2016

___ Strip (region bordering Israel)
___ Minor (Polaris's constellation)
Work at with one's teeth
Words in an analogy
Woman's shirt
Way off
Venetian vessel
Ump's call
U2's lead singer
The Buckeye State
Some Watergate evidence
Some bad decisions are made in it
Singer Guthrie
Sacred bird in ancient Egypt
Rode the waves
Ready for skinny-dipping
Pub offerings
Product sold in an egg-shaped container
Prevailing style
Prefix with sex or brow
Pop music's Abdul
Opposition vote
One of us
Note below D
Mr. Spock's forte
Move like molasses
Montezuma, for one
Mischievous sort
Matter of fact?
Lowest card in pinochle
Low voice
Line on a weather map
Like white elephants
Like the smell of fresh dough
Like some online videos
Large, open apartment
In the vicinity of
In the center of
Huge hit
Holmes's chronicler
Heart's neighbor
Heads of monasteries
Groan cause, perhaps
Golden Gloves boxer, for example
Go by taxi, informally
Fire residue
Female fawn
Fasten to a pier, say
Elbow spot susceptible to tingling pain
Devoted to equestrian activities
Caught some z's
Calendar span
Builder's alternative to a hammer
Brooklyn cagers
Bolt's partner
Body of water that contains the Great Barrier Reef
Airport porters
Activity that may involve avoiding windmill blades
ABC morning show, for short
1960s cartoon featuring Dick Dastardly and Muttley
'The Quiet Man' star
'Light My Fire' band
'Frozen' princess

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