Universal Crossword Puzzle Solutions May 7th 2017

Class that may feature some immature giggles
It can get you a bit closer
How I hope you're doing
Coast or slide effortlessly
Fitzgerald, the 'Queen of Scat'
Shaped like an almond
Great financial advice (Part 3)
Not yet grown?
'Cogito, ___ sum'
Brazilian tourist city, informally
Aligns properly
Not vertical or horizontal
One way to save old clothes
Emulate a weak tide
Something to build upon
Cheese that's not bad, ah?
Great financial advice (Part 2)
Hits the open waters, in a way
Initiated court action against
Song by a guy in a Viking helmet, perhaps
'Amo, amas, ___'
Coin of Afghanistan, once
Note on a singer's scale
Type of seed on some buns
Type of horse race or hat
Crude abode
Attempt to weed out, as bad applicants
Great financial advice (Part 1)
Arm bone
Catch, as easy fly balls
Some geometric calculations
'Dear lady' alternative
Unstressed vowel sound
Old measurement of 45 inches
Got a good look at
Put on, as a ship
Certain candy bar
Cabbage, dough or do-re-mi relative
What a fashionable person has
Decorative fabric used in upholstery
Not out of town
Kitchen utensil that's full of holes
It can point you in the right direction
Reason of shaking hands?
Gassy, dusty cloud
Capital of Taiwan
Hearty soup
Ancient cousin of the guitar
Big-billed bird known for wading
Tall bird similar to an ostrich
Increase, as one's lead
Worshipful one
In ___ of (replacing)
Cookie with more vowels than consonants
Participated in a choir
Doesn't leave
Like Howlin' Wolf's music
Feeling of the jitters or apprehension
Sudden, fast mass arrival
Certain print finish
Per ___ (yearly)
Hawaiian hello
Nickname for thick coffee
Feature of 21-Across
Angelou the poet
Comedic Chase
Got up incorrectly?
Mister in Berlin
Gator's cuz
Carpentry tools

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