Universal Crossword Puzzle Solutions March 20th 2017

Proofer's editorial mark
'Cheese it, the ___!'
___ off (slackened)
Day-care charges
Pressing requirement?
Person owing allegiance to a feudal lord
Ireland, to some
Like withered land
Be rowdy and disruptive
What a pirate gives his pet-watcher?
Bring together
Chem class, often
Maryland winter hrs.
Apt 'notes' anagram
Like marble and some cheese
More than want
Constellation bear
Pirate's facial grooming aid?
Computer symbol
The most productive thoughts
Car speed, briefly
Storm into, militarily
'___ I win, tails you lose'
Like Falstaff, body-wise
Dressing choice
What the pirate written out of a will did?
Type of mill
State of prolonged unconsciousness
Word with 'go bragh!'
City VIP
Italian capital
One way to offer a greeting
Song's opening bars
Spoken aloud
Spy org.
Beer relative
Egg containers
Sink like a rock
Infamous emperor
More than large
Cast off from the body, as perspiration
Type of rich cake
Reduced to the simplest form
Beginning stages
'Have a nice ___!'
Fled to be wed
Feeling of boredom
Earlier, earlier
Blast, as a baseball
Shows uncertainty
Fiery funeral wood stacks
Relative of 'i.e.'
Like morning grass
'Without further' ending
Finding it difficult to relax
More than like
Mai ___ cocktail
'… all snug in ___ beds'
Hockey legend Bobby
Fishy delicacy
Font features
Indian bread
Throw figurative mud at
Be educated
Bullets, e.g.
It's pitched over your head
Marine predator
All-around good guy
Pre-pupal insect

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