Universal Crossword Puzzle Solutions April 21st 2017

Turn back to yellow, e.g.
Cracked food item
Some bean plants (var.)
Poet Dickinson
Understood, to hippies
Any bus patron
Lhasa's land
Great anger
Boston, Chicago and Minneapolis
'At Seventeen' singer Janis
Unhurried walkers
Hired hand
Continually runs off at the mouth
'The Rum ___ Tugger' ('Cats' jam)
Get saggy
Mountains in Chile
Norwegian metropolis
Gold bar
Neutral colors
Many Middle Easterners
Primitive fishing weapon
Noted rope-a-dope boxer
Personal appearance
Wandered away from the flock
Hunter's antlered prey
601, in Roman numerals
What GPS helps you do
Braga of films
English restroom
Getting everything right on a test
Artificial leg extender
Future reaper
Immeasurable pit
Fleur-de-___ (Quebec symbol)
Prefix with 'violet'
Captain's domain, sometimes
Eyelid bump
Difficult to grasp, as an elongated fish
'What am ___?' (auctioneer's question)
Old-school safecracker
DEA word
Nasty, as a remark
Video game brother
Some tablets or laptops
Not early or late
___ Lanka
Cornrow maker
Shish kebab holders
Agenda item
Official emblem
Not an exact number
An American flag color
Interior home unit
High wave caused by tidal flow
Mike and Carol's TV kid
Distinctive and stylish elegance
Computer feed
Prefix with 'dynamic'
Handy banking appliance
Member of the giraffe family
Bread serving
It ruled in the Yellow River valley, second millennium BC
'Takin' Care of Business' group, initially
Northern Iraq, a long time ago
Finishes third in a horse race
Prince of a noted opera
Any outstanding example of its kind
Diamond sock designs
What to do 'unto Caesar'
Remus, to Romulus
Scenes of action
Letters on some fighter jets

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