News Day Crossword Puzzle Solutions March 20th 2017

Letters before zees
Leave out
Give approval for
Tuna or shark
Lauder of cosmetics
Garment worn with a blouse
Second part of plays
Snow gliders
Tube-shaped pasta
Picks up the tab
__ Piper of Hamelin
”I really should be going”
Convent resident
Titles for knights
Door opener
Position behind shortstop
Jay once of ”The Tonight Show”
Printing error, for short
Monumental story
Full collections
”Permission granted”
Memorable periods
Deep voice
Skin-soothing ingredient
Freeway path for slower cars
A long time in the past
Sweatshirt with a head cover
Bird on ”It's a girl!” signs
Book of maps
Canceled, at NASA
Places for teakettles
Prohibited things
Suspect's explanation
Polite female title
Finals and midterms
Jekyll's alter ego
Auto wheel
Non-studio movie, for short
Condiment in a shaker
Take a crack __ (try)
Swedish furniture chain
In the hull of a ship
Aluminum wrap
Remove pencil marks
Camera-lens settings
Bad mood
”Semper Fi” and ”Be Prepared”
Earth-friendly prefix
Gooey pancake topping
Not qualified
Small bite
Beer mug
General Robert E. __
Lathered up
Searches for
Baby ”bald” bird
Headgear at Aspen
Stingy person
Mothers and daughters
On the up-and-up
Swelled heads
Arctic ice house
T. Rex, for one
__ monster (Arizona lizard)
State-run numbers game
Typical Saudi
Grind, as teeth
”One __ meat is another . . .”

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