New York Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions April 15th 2017

___ hall
___ ears
___ compound
Works of a lifetime
Women's World Cup sight
What you can expect
Wave off
Walks or runs
Very fair, admirable sort
Urban exercise areas
Unforeseen trouble
U.T.'s ___ Library
Try to contain, in a way, as a spill
Symbol of biblical wrath
Swimmer Thorpe with five Olympic gold medals
Sweeping, for short
Stop for James Cook when circumnavigating the globe
Some TVs
School closing?
Sandy who won the 1985 British Open
Runs through
Rich dessert
Reservoir, e.g
Ready follower?
Place to work up a sweat
Place for a decal, maybe
Pick up quickly
Org. with biennial bids
Ones counting down to vacation time?
Object of envious comparison
Microwave no-no
Metaphorical rock of Matthew 16:18
Looked (around)
Like many canine tails, quaintly
Lacking scruples
It's included in many bundles
Inits. on a master's application
In serious disrepair
Hockey legend Jaromir
Getting back to speed, musically
Get on
Formal guarantee
Feature of Earth, Mars and Pluto
Epithet for Louis VI, with ‘the'
DNA pair
Dishes often served au fromage
Dim or grim
Cousin of ‘OMG!'
Colbert competitor
Chips, initially
Chintz, e.g
Benzene or lead
Band that shares its name with a film canine
Auntie Em, e.g
Annual party favors
3D White brand
2011 Jason Statham action flick
1988 N.F.L. M.V.P. from the Cincinnati Bengals
‘Star Trek' captain, to friends
‘Man, I did good!'
‘How ___!'

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